Storage boxes are great, especially in a busy household. These little (or big) gems help keep your clutter concealed, giving the illusion of tidiness. Because let’s face it, we all have areas of our home that succumb to clutter. Shh… Read More


Let’s admit it – winter was long. It starts in November, hits hardest in February, and tricks you into thinking it’s over at least half a dozen times. Even the best parts – winter sports, hot drinks, the holidays – Read More


Have you ever used glitter products before? They are always a mess to handle, but what about glitter tapes with glitter that doesn’t flake off? It’s time we introduce you to it! Glitter Tape is a new and fun way Read More

DIY Bubble Wrap Calendar

December 30, 2014

With the New Year just around the corner, every household or office will need a calendar. But what if your calendar can bring you fun everyday of the year with the use of bubble wrap? Who doesn’t like Bubble Wrap? Read More

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