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I love this stuff!
I have a home business and send about 5-10 shipments a day. I like this tape because it’s thick and doesn’t get tangled easily (unlike some brands). I find with most brands, I spend more time untangling thin tape than actually using it — with a lot of waste. This is the best packing tape I’ve found. I wish I could find refills. This tape is more expensive than I’d like to pay,but the time saved is well worth the cost.

by RockinRaspberry
Amazing packaging tape – the best I’ve ever found!
I seal a lot of things with packaging tape, and I have used a lot of different brands and devices to apply it to the surfaces I am taping. This “All-in-One” tape and dispenser is perfect for me! The size of the roll makes it easy to hold in one hand. It has a great feature on the plastic part that “holds” the “just torn” end of the roll so that it doesn’t reattach itself to the rest of the tape roll.

by debbiedarline
My sister & I have started selling on eBay recently and this is the best shipping tape we have found. It sticks wonderfully, but doesn’t get all balled up into itself. Also it doesn’t tear into little strips of worthless pieces like some others. And it’s a pretty good price. Just wish I knew where to find the refills.

by RecycledRelics

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