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Impress your friends and family with these 3 simple tips for easy gift-wrapping!

Gift-wrapping stations at the mall may make your gifts picture perfect but they will also increase your holiday budget quickly. Save your dollars and follow these simple tricks to make your gifts look professionally put together! 1) Always wrap on a hard, flat surface Instead of wrapping on a carpeted floor, take a few seconds [...]

Unwrap these 4 unique Bubble Wrap uses for the winter season

We all know how great bubble wrap is for keeping fragile items safe during a move and who can resist the stress-relieving fun of popping all those little bubbles just because? We’re here to let you in on some bubble wrap secrets that we can’t go without during the icy-cold winters. These tips and tricks [...]

Seal-It Superglue – Your new favourite fashion accessory!

Superglue is a staple that can be found in any crafter’s trunk of tools. Whether it’s re-attaching the handle to your favourite coffee mug or fixing a loose dresser drawer, the uses of superglue appear to be endless for household fixes, but did you know superglue is also a must-have fashion accessory? Well, let us [...]

5 Tips for the Perfect Move

Feeling overwhelmed with your big move on the horizon?  Check out these 5 great tips for taking away the pain of packing: 1) Organize your boxes with colour-coded duct tape! Use Seal-It™ Duct Tape to colour coordinate boxes to particular rooms in your new home. Blue goes to the bedroom, yellow gets sent to the [...]