Feeling overwhelmed with your big move on the horizon?  Check out these 5 great tips for taking away the pain of packing:

1) Organize your boxes with colour-coded duct tape!

Use Seal-It™ Duct Tape to colour coordinate boxes to particular rooms in your new home. Blue goes to the bedroom, yellow gets sent to the kitchen and red heads into the living room. Now the movers (or your friends) will know exactly where to place everything upon arrival. The sooner the boxes are loaded into the house, the sooner you can settle down with some celebratory move-in pizza!

Bonus Tip:  be sure to put the tape strip on the side of each box so it can easily be seen if boxes get stacked!

2) Keep it clean, keep it safe – try stretch wrap!

You’ll be amazed by all the uses for stretch film during your move!  Protect furniture like sofas and armchairs from scratches and stains, while keeping their cushions in place.  Wrap cabinets, media units, and wardrobes to keep their doors from opening during transportation.  You can even cover individual dresser drawers to keep items secure, eliminating the need to unload them before the move.

3) Choose the right moving boxes

Moving is a big job! One of our favourite tips is the power of small boxes. You’ll tire out quickly if you’re consistently lifting super heavy boxes. Try packing small boxes so each weighs no more than 50 pounds. Remember, even if you hired movers you will eventually have to move the boxes yourself once they’ve left, so be sure you’re able to lift them!

4) The right dispenser will save you time

The right tape dispenser will become your new best friend during a move.  It will cut down on packing time by allowing you to quickly seal boxes using only one hand. Choose a dispenser that comes conveniently pre-loaded with high-quality packing tape and consider purchasing some extra rolls so you don’t run out in the middle of your move!

5) Bubble wrap – it’s not just for popping!

A big concern during moving time is getting your items to your new place safely. Seal-It™ Bubble Wrap is your answer! Bubble wrap can go a long way to ensuring that fragile items arrive undamaged, saving you money in the process.  After wrapping each item, place the heaviest items in each box, followed by smaller objects.  Be sure to fill gaps with additional bubble wrap, making sure nothing rattles or shifts in the box when you’re done!

Whether you’re popping some bubbly or popping your used Seal-It™ Bubble Wrap – it’s time to celebrate your new home!

Seal-It™ offers all of these great products and more in their line-up of moving supplies. Happy moving!