We all know how great bubble wrap is for keeping fragile items safe during a move and who can resist the stress-relieving fun of popping all those little bubbles just because?

We’re here to let you in on some bubble wrap secrets that we can’t go without during the icy-cold winters. These tips and tricks are must tries for the upcoming season:

1) No more scraping icy windshields!

Sick of having to scrape snow and ice from your windshield on winter mornings?  You can avoid early morning scrapings and being late for work by simply covering your windshield the night before with a large sheet of bubble wrap. The next morning you’ll enjoy your completely clear windshield when you peel off the wrap!

Tip:  be sure to secure the wrap using your car’s windshield wipers so it doesn’t blow away!

2) Keep it hot, keep it cold, keep you happy!

Have you been assigned to bring a hot entrée to a holiday pot luck? Wrapping your homemade lasagna in bubble wrap will keep it warm during your travels and make sure it’s ready to serve upon arrival.  Bubble wrap can also be used to hold the cold! If holiday traffic stretches your drive home from the grocery store a little longer, line your reusable grocery bags with bubble wrap so your frozen foods stay frozen.

3) Keep drafts out!


It’s cold enough outside, we know you want to keep your home warm and cozy! Lightly spray the inside of your windows with water and stick sheets of bubble wrap to them with the flat side of the wrap facing you.  This will help stop chilly drafts and will also take a bite out of your energy bill! Win-win!

4) Safeguard plants

Look forward to the return of warmer days knowing your garden will return in full bloom! To avoid your perennials freezing over a long, harsh winter, line the inside of your planters with bubble wrap before planting in the spring, or securely tie bubble wrap to the outside of full planters in the late fall.  This will help keep the soil several degrees warmer all winter long!