Gift-wrapping stations at the mall may make your gifts picture perfect but they will also increase your holiday budget quickly. Save your dollars and follow these simple tricks to make your gifts look professionally put together!

1) Always wrap on a hard, flat surface

Instead of wrapping on a carpeted floor, take a few seconds to clear a table or another stable, flat surface. You will be able to control the paper much better when wrapping, while making crisp folds and creases that ensure your gifts look their best!

2) Use double-sided gift tape

Double-side tape will save you time and money while wrapping. Use long strips of tape rather than short pieces to seal edges cleanly. Double-sided tape remains hidden beneath the wrapping, which leaves your gift looking clean and polished. Spend less time wrapping and more time with your friends and family this holiday season

3) Instantly glamorous gifting


Seal-It™ Glitter Tape will instantly transform your holiday gifting. When your wrapping paper tears in the middle of wrapping a gift, cover the tear with Go for Gold or Starry Silver. You’ll save time and money and it will add some glamour to your gift! You can even skip the wrapping paper and simply decorate a plain box with Glitter Tape, which is a great way to personalize your gift-wrapping!

4) Bonus Tip

Wondering how to keep all those half-used rolls of wrapping paper neat and ready for the next time they’re needed? Create a simple holder using an empty toilet paper roll. Slit one side of the toilet paper roll from end to end and wrap it around the middle of a roll of wrapping paper. Apply a piece of gift wrap tape to keep things secure. You can also keep things looking festive by decorating your holder with glitter tape!